Want to keep your key professionals ahead of your competitors? Want to learn crisis-proof HR strategies? Do you want to know how much you are worth in the market? Want to make the right decision when changing jobs? Are you curious about the latest recruitment trends and innovations? As an entrepreneur, are you interested in how to find growth reserves in your company and scale up? If you feel that any of these questions speak to you, you’re our man 🙂 Listen to Up or Hired! Labour Market podcast splash!

As a business development consultant, we built our own digital recruitment company, IDBC. We tried out on ourselves the company building methods we had previously recommended to our clients. Hear what we did well and what were some of our mistakes. I’m József Illés, the podcast host, co-founder and CEO of IDBC, former head of sales and business development for several multinational and domestic IT companies, a passionate innovator who believes that it is possible to stay very human while digitizing recruitment! Cheers!