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Apply! Indicate that you are interested in the selected position by attaching your CV via our website.


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Let's get to know each other! If your CV matches the position, we will contact you by phone and invite you to a video conversation.


Let's have an in-depth professional discussion! If there is mutual good impression at the first discussion, at the second stage you will have a more in-depth look at the professional details and required competences with the professional manager in charge.


Angéla Barta

Head of IT Recruitment

Dalma Czigler

Recruitment Team Leader

Tímea Balázs

IT Recruitment Team Leader


We support your professional development

Our customized training programs, professional meet-ups, an internal network of professionals with 100+ members, mentors in the field of banking, digitization, project management, test management and a full-time coach await you!

We pay attention to you!

If you have a problem, or come up with new ideas or you need inspiration, we are here for you! Let’s look each other in the eye and have an honest conversation; you will have numerous opportunities to do that!

We are never late with payments

We take your financial security very seriously, so if you work with us it can never happen that your salary is transferred late.

István Horváth

Senior Project Manager


I had the chance to join IDBC’s professional community five years ago; here, not only can I work with excellent professionals, which in itself provides an amazing opportunity of professional development through the exchange of experience, but IDBC also provides the team with extremely valuable, regular training programs. It follows from IDBC’s broad embeddedness that we encounter colorful and diverse tasks and can benefit from our acquired knowledge in interesting projects.

Soma Implom

Sales Manager


I joined the IDBC Sales team in the autumn of 2021, during my last semester of university. Thanks to this, I have received continuous support to achieve my goals in an outstanding professional environment since the beginning of my career. I believe that the key to the continued development of our team is to ensure individual progress and to work together every day based on shared values. All of this has allowed me to gain sales manager experience in a relatively short time that I would have had in very few other places. It is a great pleasure for me to work in an environment where my individual skills are taken into account. So this year, in the spring of 2023, I launched the “Kapunyitási pánik” Podcast, which I host to develop myself and help and entertain our Generation Z peers.

Dalma Czigler

Agile Team Coordinator


I joined IDBC in 2020 as a sourcer intern, but now I fulfil recruiter and team coordinator duties. In the beginning of my career, I recieved professional support, a mentor, trainings, work conditions suitable for my studies. When my career plan was completed, I had possibilities of a promotion. I am grateful for the trust, responsibillities, friendships that I have made here. I hope that more of you will get familiar with the IDBC feeling! 😊

Ramóna Konkoly

Agile Team Coordinator


I joined IDBC as a senior recruiter in 2020. Since then, I was given opportunities to share my professional knowledge during regular trainings with my colleauges, and apart from my duties as a rectuiter, to coordinate a team. The complex tasks have given me chances to develop constantly. The fellowship we see here energizes me from day to day.